Shipper Shield Universal Terms and Conditions

Shipper Shield is a web-based service, not an installed package. At the beginning of your subscription, and as changes occur in your business, Shipper Shield staff will be available to assist you in adding carriers, clarifying terminology and configuring your account to your business rules. The first “mass communication” with your carrier group is included in our monthly fee. Subsequent requests to communicate with your entire group of carriers will be quoted on an as-needed basis.

The Shipper Shield subscriber must specify a primary contact name, e-mail and phone/fax. Shipper Shield personalizes requests made via e-mail, postal mail or fax with subscriber logo and primary contact info, so that there is no question in your vendor’s minds that we are making a legitimate request for information on your behalf. Past experience shows that Shipper Shield requesting carrier participation without co-branding is highly ineffective and can actually result in our correspondence being classified as “spam”.

Due to the extensive setup required to onboard a new subscriber, we do not offer refunds or money back after the first thirty days of service. You may put notes and contacts into the system that you wish to keep, even in the event of terminating your service with Shipper Shield. Upon request, such information can be exported into a .csv or .xls file for your future use. Please note that many screens have an “export” function that can be useful in utilizing carrier information in other systems or reports within your organization. If you discontinue your service, we will retain your carrier notes and data for 12 months.

Most carrier information in our system is of public record. You are not permitted to resell or distribute any exported or downloaded information from the Shipper Shield system outside of your own company, unless it is for the purpose of informing a carrier of the need for their more comprehensive participation in the system. New subscribers are entitled to (2) one-hour web-based training sessions. Additional training sessions are available at a rate of $195 per session.

At the time of contract, a contract duration is agreed upon. The contract will auto-renew for an equal period, unless you provide e-mail or written notice of intent to cancel thirty days prior to expiration. Shipper Shield reserves the right to suspend service for subscribers that are more than 45 days overdue on payment of subscription fees.

An aggregator/ web scraping system like Shipper Shield is not a substitute for thorough due diligence including consulting government web sites and having in-depth conversations and information exchanges with carriers regarding their safety practices, operating authority, insurance limits etc. Neither party should be held liable for a delay or failure in performance of the agreement for System caused by reason of any occurrence of unforeseen event beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, power failures, server failures, third-party service failures or service interruptions, legislative changes, government action, errors in government data, web-scraping failures or errors.

The maximum amount of Shipper Shield liability under this agreement shall be the compensation paid by subscriber to Active Scout for the use of the System for a period of six months prior to the month in which the action giving rise to the liability is discovered.

Shipper Shield does not make “ship” or “do not ship” recommendations. These decisions are solely at the discretion of the subscriber.