Provide Data Once

At Shipper Shield, we’ve found that we can actually serve our client’s best interests for carrier vetting and in the process save carriers a lot of time. We do this with what we call a “one-to-many” carrier profile. Let’s say you have 20 shipper clients that use Shipper Shield – well then you as the carrier need only fill out a single profile in our system and your information will be available to all 20 shippers. This way, you can focus on providing a really complete, really thorough carrier profile once, and you will see a lot of time saved by not having to deal individually with each of your customers.


Tell Your Side

They say, “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies … and statistics.” We realize that the FMCSA can provide information that may be one-dimensional and frustrating. It is our goal to provide carriers with opportunities to supplement publicly available data with FMCSA action plans, accident reports and other information that can balance a shipper’s perspective. We also welcome carrier feedback on improvements we can make to our system.

Toot Your Horn

Providing carrier profile information to Shipper Shield is an exercise in proactivity. We believe that carriers who welcome viewing of their authority, safety, insurance, financial and operations information deserve favored treatment over “stranger carriers” who only submit information required by law. We call our carriers “Shipper Shield Registered” and we recommend:

Use your Shipper Shield Registered status as a talking point in your sales process! Our system is another third-party assessment of your company’s place
in the market.

Participate in our Shipper Shield Registered carrier directory at – Registered carriers always show up at the top of the listings.

Paid placement advertising is available (only for Shipper Shield Registered carriers) that will put you front and center for shippers looking to expand their freight carrier network.

Become Shipper Shield Registered Carrier Today!