The Active Scout Technologies’ team is comprised of transportation risk management experts that have refined the carrier monitoring and selection process. Through the company’s newest product, Shipper Shield™, shippers’ have found the resource that allows them to monitor their supply chain risk through holistic oversight, and provides the education to make decisions to eliminate exposure and engage in safe ‘next’ practices. Active Scout was perfected by the same leadership team that successfully created and manages sister company, TranzAct Technologies, Inc. TranzAct Technologies has provided freight audit and payment, logistics services and technology to shippers for over 30 years.

Active Scout has been an industry leader in helping shippers respond to the winds of change that are occurring in the industry related to shipper liability. We recognize that many shippers lack the understanding of safety scores and other critical data that they must be abreast of when selecting the vendors they choose to do business with. Additionally, many do not have contracts for 100% of their carriers, or an easy way to organize and access the files, and don’t understand how their insurance coverage under their carriers’ may leave them vulnerable. Shipper Shield™ was designed to close this gap and provide more detailed information and reduce risk for shippers. Building partnerships with our clients that are rooted in personalized service, honesty and integrity is the foundation on which our business is built. Our proven track record and position on the pulse of the transportation industry allows us to provide valuable counsel to all of our clients.


Shipper Shield takes your company from reactive to proactive with one monthly subscription. Upload your carriers. Set your tolerance levels. Wait for alerts. It's that simple.

  • Upload

    Upload your carrier list to Shippershield

  • Check

    Our system contacts carriers for supplementary information

  • Manage

    You set your tolerance levels

  • Notifications

    You will receive e-mails when one of your carriers has a change that is of concern

Carrier Montoring - Select Plan

Your Shipper Shield™ Select Plan includes 1 user and continuous monitoring of up to 250 carriers. The Select Plan includes these features:

2,300,000 Carriers

Pre-screen and monitor from a database of over 2 Million carriers and brokers doing business in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

15 Sources

The details on your carriers and brokers are collected directly from 15+ sources on your behalf and updated daily. Access full profiles on your carriers and brokers that contain current and historical information regarding authority, safety and insurance.


Manage the tolerances you would like to be alerted to such as insurance minimums and safety scores. Append confidential files and create management notes directly to carrier profiles for proof of ongoing due diligence.


Rest assured your documents, contracts and custom data are confidential in your secure, password protected cloud-based application. Manage users and permissions within your organization by location.

Financial and Operational Information

Provides access to financial and operational information as well as proof of status such as Certificates of Insurance that are reported and automatically updated by your carriers.


Custom and filter reports provide quick visibility to
analyze or distribute comparisons in carrier behavior. Export results to Excel or create a PDF Carrier Status Certificates for on-demand documentation for proof
of due diligence.


Automate and streamline your new carrier vetting and onboarding process with the carrier web portal that supports ease of use for your vendors and ongoing collection and monitoring to ensure long-term compliance.


Manage and receive email notifications that alert you when one of your carriers falls out of your specific tolerances. Designate how often and who receives alert reports that provide carriers that need to be contacted regarding
their compliance.


Following your quick, custom implementation and personalized training, receive ongoing support from your dedicated Account Coordinator, available Monday thru Friday 8 am – 5pm CST. Benefit from direct access
to industry expert advice and web based
on-demand resources.

Enhanced Plan

Your Shipper Shield™ Enhanced Plan is intended for enterprise customers and brokers with multiple users and a larger number of carriers. The Select Plan includes all Select Plan features as well as these added benefits:

Air, Ocean, Asia and Europe

Allows you to gain global visibility with vendor profiles from multiple modes and regions such as Air and Ocean, Asia
and Europe.

Custom Fields and Reports

Delivers customized options such as the ability to create and report on custom fields, business units, customers
and more.

Contract Management

Store, organize and manage contract files with each of your carriers and brokers. Assign expiration dates and custom fields to contract records that are integrated and reportable.

API / Integration

Benefit from a seamless integrated process that transfers data and decisions made in Shipper Shield™ to your in-house or 3rd party transportation management system.

Concierge Plan

As with anything in a business, every responsibility and task is subject to the human element. Today’s transportation, logistics and supply chain departments are as overloaded as ever. You could be dealing with a lack of available staff time; highly variable skillsets and computer comfort levels and worst of all, a worry that this is the kind of thing that could easily end up falling off the radar – when it shouldn’t! You may not be accustomed to worrying about monitoring carriers every day – but we actually are. We live and breathe this stuff! Our standard package offers adequate training and setup assistance for users that are active, involved and adequately staffed. But if you choose a concierge service plan, the relationship’s center of gravity changes a bit: Warning e-mails are accompanied by warning phone calls. Templated e-mail requests to your carriers for information become phone calls to your contact at the carrier to walk them through the process of fully participating. We regularly review your active carriers to look at them like they were our own.

As you will understand, we do not make recommendations or provide any legal advice – instead the concierge level of service puts an account manager on the task of ensuring that you are using our system the way it was intended – with some checks and balances to confirm that you’re not missing critical updates.

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