When you′re onboarding a new carrier, it is the perfect time to make sure you have your facts straight. That′s why we verify with the carrier their full corporate name and address, MC, DOT and SCAC codes. Most importantly, we ask them who in their organization they would like to be in charge of their Shipper Shield profile. Once we have this information, we invite the carrier into our “online carrier packet” system.


You are able to specify who receives your carrier alerts and reports and how often they are triggered.

Configure Business Rules

We are working to be the most advanced insurance monitoring solution for the transportation industry. In spring of 2016 we are launching business unit-specific insurance requirements so that you can alert on distinct minimums for categories like “vehicle transportation” “couriers” and “ocean”. At the same time we are dramatically increasing the number of policy types we support (employee theft, terrorism, environmental damage etc.) and adding increased support for “waiver of subrogation” and “additional insured” designations.

Carriers Enter Information Once

The Shipper Shield online carrier packet is very thorough, but it does not have to be filled out in one visit, and it will save the carrier a great deal of work because the profile information (except for Certificate Holder insurance certificates) is shared - each carrier only provides/updates this information once annually.

Manual Override

We realize that you have long standing vendors that are allowed more flexibility. Our Manual Override functionality allows you to attach documents to a carrier′s profile to explain safety score issues, credit report issues or other alerts so you can document why you are continuing to do business with a particular logistics vendor that would otherwise trigger repeated alerts.

Carrier Status Certificate

Our system offers a one-page summary of today′s scores and metrics. When you trigger this status certificate the system logs and records that cert in the audit trail.


Our system has a one-click export that gives you all the commonly requested data in a very clean Excel spreadsheet. This is perfect for reporting to upper management or working with carriers during sourcing events. We also have a reporting tab which allows you to focus in on particular metrics when generating a report.

Carrier Directory

In order to monitor the insurance-on-file and safety scores of every carrier you might use, we have a VERY large database. So when you need to find a new carrier in a particular geographic area or of a certain size or set of capabilities, the Shipper Shield database serves as a searchable directory of carriers. If you′re considering a carrier you can add them to your “Prospective Carrier” list while you evaluate their qualifications.

Send Information Request

Any time you want a carrier to update their profile in our system you can trigger a customized invite into our system. This allows you to explain who you are and what information you fell is lacking. We encourage carriers to participate fully by reminding them that they only have to maintain one profile no matter how many shippers are monitoring them.