Carrier Directory

Our clients can search for new carriers using a variety of parameters. We want to do everything we can to open up hundreds of thousands of carriers to receive new business through our Shipper Shield carrier directory.

Carrier Logo and Description

We allow carriers to upload their logos and provide a brief description of their firm. This is as much for our client"s visual recognizance as it is for the carrier"s branding and image. Sometimes when you see a logo you immediately know that you have the right carrier, especially for those of you who memorize lots of MC numbers and SCAC codes!

Footprint & Favorite Lanes

Carriers can specify their footprint for US, Canada and Mexico and provide Zip-to-Zip, City-to-City and State-to-State favorite lanes.

Equipment & Hauling

Shipper Shield asks carriers for their modes, equipment, specialty capabilities, trailer counts and driver/tractor counts so our clients know exactly the scale and available services a carrier can bring to the table.