DOT Safety Rating

Although not every carrier has a DOT Safety Rating, it is the most clearly understood measure."None" "Satisfactory" "Conditional" and "Unsatisfactory" are the typical designations. We maintain a complete list of MC/DOT listings with their corresponding DOT Safety Ratings and they are updated monthly by the FMCSA.

SMS Scores

Well, they disappeared for a while but are back with a vengeance! SMS scores are among the most misunderstood and maligned of government statistics. We publish SMS Scores without commentary or sophisticated analysis because we believe the industry and the government have a long way to go before any kind of consensus will exist on how this data should be used. Our best advice is to talk with your carriers about their safety record and procedures and perhaps use Shipper Shield's Safety Questionnaire to obtain a more detailed view of their safety culture.

Hazardous Materials

Shipper Shield maintains a complete databank of carriers that are registered with the PHMSA as hazardous materials shippers. There are approximately 70,000 HazMat carriers in the United States. We maintain real-time links to all of the certificates.

Hazardous Materials Certificates

This is what a valid HazMat Certificate looks like. Rather than store the actual certs in our system, Shipper Shield links to the certificate generating functionality on the PHMSA's web site. This way you know you always have up-to-the-minute documents as per the government web sites.

Carrier Safety Questionnaire

Originally launched during the period when the FMCSA had taken down the SMS Scores, we offer carriers the ability to fill out a comprehensive Safety Questionnaire, which is perfect for carriers that do not yet have an inspection record or DOT Safety Rating.

Homeland Security

Shipper Shield offers carriers the ability to provide their C-TPAT, FAST membership, PIP/PEP and SVI#. As new designations or security programs evolve in the marketplace we will continue to update Shipper Shield's functionality.