The Carrier Summary — A Bird's Eye View

When you login to Shipper Shield you see your full carrier list along with a summary of their most important stats. Since our system has a lot of data points, you can easily configure your columns to show the data that you find most important.

A Complete Database of US Trucking Carriers

We regularly update the Shipper Shield database to reflect the most comprehensive list of MC and DOT numbers from government sources. Additionally, we have a special agreement in place that gives us an up-to-date list of all known SCAC codes. Although our system allows searching by name, the sheer size of the FMCSA database makes it much more practical to search on MC, DOT or SCAC. You would be shocked by the number of carriers with the same name across the country. Also, the mergers and acquisitions of carrier entities have left many large companies having multiple MC numbers and many dormant MC and DOT codes for companies that are still active under a different number.

Real-time Data

Shipper Shield is directly connected to the FMCSA, so the first data you see on the carrier detail page is actually pulled directly from the FMCSA — not our own database. This assures you that you are seeing the latest and greatest stats on your carriers.

Operating Authority

Shipper Shield tracks Common Carrier, Contract Carrier and Broker authority in real-time.

DOT Safety Ratings

Shipper Shield tracks DOT Safety Rating in real-time. SMS Scores and Inspection data are actually updated by the government on a monthly basis, but we reconfirm DOT rating in real-time from the government database.

Insurance on File

Shipper Shield tracks insurance policies on file with the FMCSA in real-time, and insurance detail in 24 hour update intervals.

Fraud Check

Shipper Shield allows you to scan our FMCSA data for similarities in address, phone number, owner name and e-mail so that you have some insight into multiple business entities under one roof or at worst, chameleon carrier issues.

Google Maps/Streetview

Shipper Shield allows you to the carrier address on a map, or even see what their facility looks like if it is located along a main roadway covered by Google Streetview.

Carrier Reviews

Shipper Shield protects all parties involved by giving our shippers the ability to review the carriers they've had problems with. Conversely though, we give carriers the ability to respond and "make right" any issues so that these reviews do not become a part of their carrier profile.

Our Philosophy: Stay Close To The Source!

As an aggregator of data from many sources, we give our clients a great time saving tool. However, if you notice something out of whack with one of your carriers, we recommend confirming the data with the actual government web site. That is why Shipper Shield has quick links that put you "one click away" from common data sources. Our value is not in having "secret sources" of information, our value comes from putting everything in one place so that on a day to day basis you do not have to travel far and wide on the web confirming your carrier's good ratings. We call this "management by exception" — you need only investigate carriers when an apparent issue arises.